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Thank you^^~


Love? Love!

Together, Super Junior has already passed 7 years… If we count from trainee days onwards, it’s more than 10 years. During this long period of time, the days I spent with the members, the moments are still fresh in my mind.

We’ve been through thick and thin, we’ve cried together, laughed together and even argued… It’s really everything that we hate, everything that we love is “ours”. Super Junior is not willing to let go for a bit, and we’re not willing to part. Yes, my heart only has this group of people. I don’t know why but other than them, there’s no one else. In Paris, when I first had a toast with the members, my heart was filled with happiness and satisfaction. Maybe it’s because we have the same blood or maybe it’s because we have the same DNA.

Thinking about Leeteuk hyung, makes me feel a bit confused… The days without Leeteuk hyung, are we going to be okay? Can Leeteuk hyung be okay without us? 1, 2, a moment, an instant, even though the temporary leaving will keep repeating, we will forever be Super Junior!

Super Junior and ELF, I love you all! Forever!!




The best group of this age! The best leader!
2 yearsmight not seem like a very long time, but in the face of something which I’ve never encountered, the truth is I am flooded with many worries and fear. In the time which I am not present, I am afraid that there’ll be so many changes……I would think, when I come back, will there be any changes to SJ? Will we be able to maintain our spot? Will ELF wait for me?

2 years down the road, when a guy who has matured to be a more handsome Leeteuk comes back as  promised, I want to be able to ask with confidence: “You guys have waited for me right?” ^^ (It’s alright if you turned your affection to other people, as long as your heart is with me at the end……❤)
Even though I’m leaving this position temporarily, I still wish to give the other active members left even more appreciation and help. (I feel like father who is reluctant to leave his kids, my feelings are all messed up, with many worries……)

Last but not least, my members that I love.
Even without Hyung, you guys must live well, I’m pretty sure that you guys are all smart, so you’ll be able to live well;
No matter how much you hate or are pissed off at one another, you guys must appreciate one another like how a family does! Because we will never ever leave a member behind!
My gratitude comes from the bottom of my heart, and you guys are the best!❤

As compared with the time now, the time we will have in the future together is so much more, so my precious members and ELF, in the future we will continue to create more memorable memories and great milestones!

It’s not a “moment”, it’s “forever”……It’s not an “end” but an “and”.
We are the real SUPER JUNIOR! I am sincerely grateful to the people who have made happiness for me……It’s you people who made me understand the real meaning of “happiness” ……Thank you.
And I love you. The best group of this age!! The best leader Leeteuk!!
Including me, Park Jungsu……


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The letter I wrote in Paris. What’s wrong with me today? My heart is filled with mixed feelings. On this sunny and warm afternoon, just like this song which keeps playing in my ear, an inexplicable feeling in my heart.



Waiting for a third life. Used the name “Kim Jongwoon” for 22 years. Used the name “Super Junior Yesung” for 7 years.



All the first things I did in my life, the members were always there, putting in all their effort, to help me… When I am with them, I can do it, without feeling afraid. Also, ELF from many places that we do not notice that have given us a lot of love… Because of you, we can continue down this path, not feeling lonely. Also, time spent with the staff are very important memories to me.



Friends who “still look the same and are the same”. Started singing and dancing since young, and I also enjoy travelling. I like travelling with my family so there is almost no where in Korea that I have not been to. As I grow older year by year, what I used to like has now become my dream and goal. Now, this goal has become my schedule. I can sing, dance and travel. Is there anything more fortunate than this? Is there any life more successful than this? During the world tour, I can see all sorts of fans. It is a very happy and precious memory. Sometimes, before we go on stage, or in the waiting longue at the airport, after a performance, we will chat among ourselves about the times when we were youths. All these trivial schedules make me feel very fortunate. That’s right. We are mutually the presence of each other, the presence itself provides strength mutually. I receive the extravagant treatment of an artiste, but to me, my hyungs, dongsaengs and friends are who I can rely on. Hence, I like my members. In my eyes they are “those” friends. (T/N: hyuk’s those meant friends who “still look the same and are the same”)


Translated by:@lovechokyulate





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