121020 Super Junior’s 7th Anniversary Card [1P/TRANS]


Teuk: 7th anniversary!! There will be even more time together in the future!! Wait for oppa!! ^-^
Ryeowook: 7 years.. thank you ~ :)
Shindong: 7 years..ㅠㅠ .. lets grow old together~
Donghae: To E.L.F it’s already 7 years with our ELF wow lets continue to be together for the next 70 years! marry me.
Kangin: 7 years.. it starts now! I love you
Eunhyuk: I like you! For 7 years!
Siwon: 7th love!
Kyuhyun: 7 years of love.. ends! and now(,) the love after 7 years of love~ St~arts!! ^_^
Sungmin: 7th anniversary(,) thank you~!! In the future too~! I love you
Yesung: For 7 years(,) we were in a relationship~

Source: boni呀大酱医仙真爱粉

Translated by: @teukables

Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by: reneee

Shared at http://www.elfriendsone.wordpress.com by: lilintanggg


Signatures on pic:

1st-3rd row, left to right
kyuhyun – donghae – leeteuk
sungmin – kangin – ryeowook
yesung – siwon – eunhyuk – shindong


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