[FACTS] Yoona & Donghae (YoonHae) Couple – Part. 1 (Eng. version)

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Thank you^^~

Annyeong^^~ I’m re-posted about YoonHae facts, but now it using English. I never thaught that my followers in my fanbase come from foreign country beside Indonesia. So happy!^^ hihi. So I decided to re-posted this facts using English. Actually, my English isn’t good, but I’ll try to make it better^^~. Please no bashing here! Happy reading~^^

1. YoonHae’s fans called Pyrotechnic. Where did the name come from? We’ll see the story

credit to: https://imhaena.wordpress.com/yoonhae-fireworks/

Pyrotechnic itself is derived from the English language, namely the manufacture of firecrackers / fireworks.

  • Materials or techniques used in the manufacture of fireworks.
  • Tools or equipment containing explosives that burn at a lower level and gives color to the flame is lit.
  • Can be used to illuminate a place and give the signal.

The story here is similar to fireworks as that romance that exists between the two people, Yoona and Donghae. Like the fireworks, they look so beautiful and so wonderful in silence. A time when people become complacent and do not pay much attention and too late in the noise of the world, respectively, and the story of our love YoonHae was erupting with pop-pop that makes people wonder helpless because sparkle of light is perfect and the sky with the colors a dazzling sight.

As we often see, YoonHae usually shy when in front of the camera, but if you’ve been off camera, a fairy tale that always happens to them. And here YoonHae’s shipper bacome pyrotechnic. Because if not for us then people were probably never aware of the actual YoonHae more than beautiful and irreducibly with words.

2. Yoona and Donghae loves child.

Yoona said, “Although the baby was tiring I’ll still love baby .. I want to have a baby so I could take care of him” .. (Yoona at Hello Baby)

Yoona said, “For me to have a happy beautiful family is the main goal and that’s my dream .. I love babies, and sometimes I think I want to have a family of my own” .. (Yoona at Chinchin Radio 2009)

Donghae also said .. “Because I’ve always loved kids I wanted to be a father .. I love the kids when I see them I think … I’ll have children and become a father” …. (Donghae at Super Junior Adonis Ep. 2)

3.  Donghae has the type of woman with a beautiful forehead. Among the member of SNSD, Yoona has a beautiful forehead. Even Taeyeon, Yuri and Leeteuk as well admit it. This is their conversation on a radio:

Taeyeon to Yoona: “Because her forehead is similar with jjangu, so she called jjangu. Her forehead is very beautiful right?

Leeteuk: “Yoona does have that lovely forehead”

Yoona: “Yuri unnie always said how much she liked my forehead, so she wanted to slap my forehead”

Yuri: “That’s because his forehead looks beautiful”

Even when Super Junior perform ‘Gee’ at Super Show 2, Donghae did not wear a wig and shows his forehead. He showed how much he liked Yoona’s forehead. Besides that, Yoona also rarely wear bangs, she more often showed his forehead.

4. When Super Junior performe Gee at Super Show 2, Donghae take a role as Yoona. He also wore t-shirt with “YoonHae” print in it.

For Gee performance, Super Junior’s members have to practice with their couple. Donghae always pratice with Yoona.

5.  Donghae likes girls who have beautiful eyes. Is Yoona have beautiful eyes? Here is the story:

Moment occurred on July 17, 2010, Donghae was in an interview.

MC told Donghae to choose his favorite eyes. There are 3 picture of eyes dan Donghae was looking for that. After choosing, Donghae’s choice is number 2. MC also said, “Do you recognize the owner’s eyes number 2?“. Donghae a little nervous, laughed and said, “I don’t know.

The number 1 picture was revealed, it is the MC’s eyes. The picrure number 3 was revealed too, it belongs to Heechul who dressed like a woman. Donghae laughed and said, “Heechul beautiful right? His beauty is annoying“… MC and Donghae laughed …

Finnaly, picture bumber 2 was revealed, it was Yoona’s eyes. Donghae even blushed as she covered her mouth and said, ”owwwh Yoona ssi ne”.


It was explained that Yoona’s eyes is beautiful^^

6. In MV SNSD “Kissing You” , Donghae became a model for the MV. Around 00:41, Donghae patted Yoona and she looks very happy. Watch here for the MV.

7. After Yoona becamee MV Shinee ‘Replay’ (Japanese version), Donghae added features ideally female, are wearing glasses, sexy lips and a has face like a doll. Donghae’s described exactly same with Yoona in the MV, when Yoona reading a book in a cafe.

8. Yoona’s ideal type:

  • Men who have a 4 years age difference with her​​. Yoona was born in 1990 and Donghae was born in 1986. . Yoona lahir tahin 1990 dan Donghae 1986, the difference in their ages is 4 years! 😀
  • Yoona also said that he liked men who have baby face or the face is not masculine. Is Donghae’s face baby face? In my opinion, yes! 😀
  • Yoona doesn’t care about the height, but she wanted him slightly taller than her. Donghae and Yoona’s height did not differ much ^ ^
  • Yoona love men who make her heart can beat fast, Yoona’s heart will be pounding when aman stroking her hair. She would think it was funny. When Donghae and Yoona still a regular guest star on Sukira, Donghae often touching Yoona’s hair.

9.  YoonHae moment at Sukira

When Yoona and Donghae still a regular guest star on Sukira, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk was like teasing them both. While Leeteuk and Eunhyuk asked YoonHae about boyfriend, Donghae instantly nervous and Yoona knocked on the table using a pen. They sat side by side and sometimes do eye contact ><. When Yoona sitting next to Donghae, he immediately turns to silence, which is always unusually excited. The video can be found here:

In the video, Donghae said, “There is nothing that Yoona can”t do. He was so awesome.”

When Leeteuk asked Donghae about Donghae’s target married, he replied “I want to get married around age 31, with the person who I love” . When Donghae said that last statement, he looked towards Yoona.

On September 10th 2007, while Yoona and Donghae at Sukira, they ever send secret messages that they wrote in a paper. They are discuss something by writing it on paper. The video can be found here:

When SNSD-ITNW played at Sukira, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Donghae asked Yoona teach them ITNW’s dance moves. But Yoona refused,  after Donghae hold Yoona’s hand, Yoona want to teach them. The video:

10. YoonHae moment at SMTOWN Seoul 2010.

When SMTOWN’s ending, Yoona brought out a bottle, Donghae asked the bottle and Yoona gave it. And then Donghae drank the water in the bottle :3 . And then, there is moments where Yoona and Leeteuk was talking, suddenly Donghae moved towards Leeteuk and Donghae flush him with water xD . The video:

11. YoonHae moment at SMTOWN LA 2011.

It’s happened when Donghae and Yoona taken a selca. Yoona watched them from a distance. After Donghae & Seohyun taken a selca, Seohyun run towards Yoona and whispering something, seems like Seohyun wanted to apologize to Yoona. The video:

12. Donghae composed and wrote a song in his 5jib, the titled is “Y”. Many peoples said that Donghae wrote that song for Yonna as an apology. When the repoeter asked, “You wrote the song ‘Y’, is the song for Yoona?“, Donghae was smile when he answered that question. According to Pyro, their relationship became strained after SJ’s 5jib release. When the news was spread,  Yoona have been interviewed and she told to recommends a ballads song and she choosed Miss A-Blankly. Blankly itself tells a woman who was heartbroken because of separated with her ​​partner.

Y lyrics (Eng Sub)

(Donghae) Looking at you (me)
Just (only) a smile
A smile immersed with shyness (yeah)
Your eyes looked sad when you looked at me
Perhaps that was when you were about to bid farewell (honey baby)

(Sungmin) Repeating like everyday
(Ryeowook) My appearance
Missing you that it became restless

(Yesung) Will you forgive me?
(Sungmin) Please think twice
(Ryeowook) Think again
I won’t let go at this moment

Make you cry
(Sungmin) Is because of my stupidness
Letting you go
(Sungmin) Is because I am lacking in many ways
Please forgive me who wants to forget you
Please let me have a chance to breath again

(Kyuhyun) Looking at you (me)
Tears (rolled down)
You turned me into a fool (yeah)
Perhaps when you change your mind
I will stand on the road where you used to travel back to me (baby)

(Siwon) Your leaving which had been known earlier
(Yesung) Has no difference from a pain which cause me almost dead to me right now
(Sungmin) Time passes
(Siwon) I still can’t let you go
(Yesung) Letting you go
I’ve did too much for you

Make you cry
(Siwon) Is because of my stupidness
Letting you go
(Siwon) Is because I am lacking in many ways
(Sungmin) Please forgive me who wants to forget you
(Ryeowook) Please let me have a chance to breath again

(Eunhyuk) Where can I start telling
When can I start telling
What can I tell
Those precious words had been forgotten (you will understand even if I don’t tell)

Those moments we spent together
Minutes and seconds which we misses
The shimmering, beautiful smile
Has to be kept in your heart

(Donghae) I prayed while heart aching
If we can still meet when the rain stops
I am very miserable right now
Your leaving made the current me suffer

What matters me
I think of you every night
If there’s one day I don’t think about you
My heart will feel unsafe (girl)
You (no) Mmhm (no) Don’t know anything right?
You are not familiar with this kind of me
If only you would think about me anytime
If you could come back by then
That would be great

The phrase I love you
The phrase from me that only you can listen to
The phrase I miss you
The phrase that says I wanted to hug you
The only one
(Ryeowook) I want to protect you
Once again
For you
(Kyuhyun) To be by my side again

Miss A-Blankly lyrics (Eng Sub)

I stared blankly at you, already that far away
It seemed like you would turn back again to look
I thought if I cried now, it might really become farewell
So I pretended to be calm and let you go

I thought about asking you not to go
But I couldn’t say anything because of your cold expression
And just watched

*We loved (loved), you wanted me like crazy
I can’t believe you’re turning your back on me now
It was nice (nice), we were happy to the point of tears
Our beautiful memories
At some point flow down my cheeks
It seems like I’m crying
It seems like I have to let you go now

I stared blankly at you, already that far away
It seemed like you would turn back again to look
I hated myself for just crying like that
Turn back the time
I want to go back to when I didn’t know you


I can now see you far away
I couldn’t move one step
Don’t leave me (behind)
Come back (to me)
Please turn around once

We loved, you wanted me like crazy
I can’t believe you’re turning your back on me now
It was nice (nice), we were happy to the point of tears
Our beautiful memories
At some point flow down my cheeks (flow down)
It seems like I’m crying (tears are flowing)
It seems like I have to let you go now

13.  YoonHae moment at Heechul’s Youngstreet

In Heechul’s Youngstreet, Super Junior became a guest star. At that time, Donghae was busy with his phone. Heechul said, “what are you doing?“, Donghae answred, “I’m texting with Yoona“. Heechul and Leeteuk said, “Owwwwwh, Yoona so nyuh shi dae?“. Donghae said yes and his face became red. This is Donghae & Yoona’s text:

Donghae: If I withdraw with Super Junior  and became a solo singer what do you think?

Yoona replied:

Yonna: It’s good, you have try it once. But be better if  you become an actor in the future.

The video:

14. On his twitter he uploaded his selca with Yoona. He tweeted “Yoong and Hae, we are number one“.

They are really close. After the debut, Donghae never post a picture with a woman in a pose that is very close like that.

15. YoonHae moment at GDA 2009

At that time, SNSD won an award, all the people congratulated SNSD for the award. Donghae came to Yoona for congratulated her and Donghae was smiled at Yoona. He can’t stop to Smile at Yoona even though he already passed Yoona. The video:

16. YoonHae moment at Gayo Daejun 2009

Donghae said, “Sorry Bro, she (Yoona) is mine!” to Chansung 2PM. The video:

17. YoonHae moment at Skip Beat presscon

At the presscon that happened in June 2012, the MC gave Siwon and Donghae a game. In that game, they have to guessed the picture that is shown just the feet only. The MC said, “all this feet are belongs to popular Taiwan model.

But, Donghae said, “no, this one isn’t a Taiwan person. This is a Korean person.” . Even Siwon was surprised and said, “how did you know that?“. Donghae laughed and said, “This is SNSD’s Yoona.”, the picture was revealed and he said, “I guessed correctly.” . The video:

18. Yoona and Donghae become a couple for SPAO.

19. Yoona and Donghae often become a model in popular magazine.

Apparently, SNSD and Super Junior’s members are YoonHae shipper too. They are……..

1. Hyoyeon

  • While at Gayo Daejun dance cover, Yoona was standing and Donghae sat alone in a corner. Hyoyeon who know that immediately told Yoona dur to sitting next to Donghae. Because of Hyoyeon, Yoona and Donghae finally can talk together.
  • When Super Junior was peformed Neorago (It’s You), SNSD watched SJ perform in the stage. When Donghae’s part, Hyoyeon immediately glanced at Yoona and pointing her and said, “Neorago! .. Neorago“. The video:

2. Tiffany

See the moment here:

3.  Sooyoung

While at the SBS Gayo Daejun, Yoona talking next to Donghae. Sooyoung who know it, immediately stood in front of Yoonhae to cover the camera, which records YoonHae.

4. Heechul

  • He even said that Taecyon isn’t Yoona’s ideal type.
  • Heechul choosed Donghae as Yoona when they were perform “Gee” in SS2. In order to make they are always practice together.


5. Leeteuk and Sungmin

Leeteuk and Sungmin ever made YoonHae hugged by pushing them forcibly. Video:

6. Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk

They are always watched at Donghae who always look at Yoona when SNSD perform.




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