This site created on September, 30th 2012

The purpose of this site is to infrom SONE and ELF about SNSD and Super Junior. Because Super Generation is exist in this world 😀

Respect us, don’t bashing! 



lilintanggg https://twitter.com/lilintanggg )


as known as admin CS~^^

2o years old, born in small city in West Java, Indonesia, Indramayu 🙂

I really love CHOI SIWON. KyuMin always tease me :/ . Yoona makes me envy >w< and for me nothing better than WonHae xD LOL *slap*

I’m a open minded person, really love to hangout, random photograph, free thinker xD . Currently studying English Education 🙂

nusantara28 https://twitter.com/nusantara28 )


as known as admin PH

 20 years old, currently stay in Bandung for study in a college.

Bias? TIFFANY HWANG is number one! And then I like nam jihyun. ^^

I’m a ordinary man who was trying to find who I am, addict with photography. ^^

diaanss ( https://twitter.com/diaanss )


as known as admin KR

Stay in Jakarta and currently working~~

My bias is Kim Ryeowook but sometimes Eunhyuk stole my attention.

I am a simple girl who tired to try to away from K-Pop and tired to stop thinking about yadong LOL xD

liz_lz ( https://twitter.com/liz_lv )


as known as admin LZ

Currently stay in Surabaya and working now^^

Being the oldest after admin CS ;p

My bias in SJ is Yesung & Donghae. While in SNSD is Tiffany, Jessica, Taeyeon

Megaandrn ( https://twitter.com/Megaandrn )


as known as admin LM

Stay in Jakarta and currently school at 1 Jakarta Senior High School

My bias is Choi Siwon but I’m share my Siwon with admin CS XD

arumufida https://twitter.com/arumufida )


as known as admin LM

Stay in Indramayu and currentky school in 1 Indramayu SHS

My bias is Yesung! ♥

dennistoldhttps://twitter.com/dennistold )


as known as DN

Stay in Makasar but currently stay in Jakarta

Philosophy student in Indonesia University

My bias is Taeyeon

            akrisnad https://twitter.com/akrisnad )


as known as admin AKD

Stay in Bandung and become a Pharmacy student in one of university in Bandung ^^

My hobbies are nomnom for life :p and watching DVD especially Thailand movies (romantic one of course!) . I like Westlife and Celine Dion, and spicy food! :9

My bias are Tiffany, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Ryeowook and Donghae


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